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  • Sun Singer
    at 8 years is a talented singer who has been singing since she was six Her inspiration is her father and her idol being Ilayaraja At present she is Training under guru Dr P V Bose Her determination is unparalleled Her hobbies include Singing Reading Books and watching Sun Music Anushya is also a talented dancer She loves the beach and wants to become a playback singer in the future
    http://www.sunnetwork.in/sunsinger/contestant.aspx?id=c_6 (2013-06-10)

  • Sun Singer
    13 Episode 10 Episode 5 Name Nidhishwaran About Me This Multi talented kid is from Karur and his ambition is to become a full fledged singer His dad Govindaraj is his guru and inspiration He likes to watch infotainment channels and is a very good cricket player As a hobbies Nidhishwaran s skills include playing the Keyboard and Drums Contestant Mahalakshmi Lega Sri E Aswathy Raj Varshini Robin Akshaya Mohammed
    http://www.sunnetwork.in/sunsinger/contestant.aspx?id=c_7 (2013-06-10)

  • Sun Singer
    4 Name Sharmili About Me This mellifious singer a dosa and poori lover is from Trichy the fourth largest corporation in Tamilnadu Her teacher Vaidhehi grooms her singing talent Singing is both her hobby and passion She wants to become an IAS officer when she grows up She likes to visit Singapore and is a skillful Basketball player too Contestant Mahalakshmi Lega Sri E Aswathy Raj Varshini Robin Akshaya Mohammed
    http://www.sunnetwork.in/sunsinger/contestant.aspx?id=c_8 (2013-06-10)

  • Sun Singer
    A Brand New Show on Sun TV Episode 7 Episode Name Vishnu About Me Vishnu Contestant Mahalakshmi Lega Sri E Aswathy Raj Varshini Robin Akshaya Mohammed Abu Sharmili K Rithu Shivani Keerthi Sai Srinath Sruti Diya Shreya Sruthi Janagan Harish
    http://www.sunnetwork.in/sunsinger/contestant.aspx?id=c_9 (2013-06-10)

  • Sun Singer
    Sri E About Me Legasri is from Thiruvallur and is a big fan of kids channels She has a list of extra curricular activities ranging from drawing dancing to playing chess and Carrom board She likes to visit Theme Parks and its her dream to become an IAS officer Sri Booma is her music teacher and Legasri s inspiration is her Uncle Contestant Mahalakshmi Lega Sri E Aswathy Raj Varshini
    http://www.sunnetwork.in/sunsinger/contestant.aspx?id=c_10 (2013-06-10)

  • Sun Singer
    Episode 7 Episode 2 Name Aswathy Raj About Me Aswathy Raj is a 11 year old talent who has trained her vocal lessons from her guru prathiba With natural talent her father a singer himself encouraged her to start singing at an early age Her favorite food is biriyani and she loves playing tennis Aswathy is from Kerala Contestant Mahalakshmi Lega Sri E Aswathy Raj Varshini Robin Akshaya Mohammed Abu
    http://www.sunnetwork.in/sunsinger/contestant.aspx?id=c_11 (2013-06-10)

  • Sun Singer
    Varshini About Me Coming from Chennai Varshini aged 13 years wants to become a doctor when she grows up her favorite TV show is Kutty Chutties on Sun TV Varshini s Grandfather has been her inspiration and she idolizes her mother to the core Vidyashri has been her guru and trainer till now Her Favorite sport is Badminton and she loves to paint Contestant Mahalakshmi Lega Sri E Aswathy Raj
    http://www.sunnetwork.in/sunsinger/contestant.aspx?id=c_12 (2013-06-10)

  • Sun Singer
    the 10 year old kid is from a music family and His inspiration for singing is his brother His guru Sri Gulthi Sagar trains him in hindustani classical singing Robin also plays the guitar apart from singing Apart from being just a singer he wants to be a good musician on the whole His favorite shows are reality singing shows He is also training in cricket and badminton Contestant Mahalakshmi
    http://www.sunnetwork.in/sunsinger/contestant.aspx?id=c_13 (2013-06-10)